Tuesday, September 6, 2011

False Alarm...

Bid Farewell to Our Dear TV

Mom Rules when comes to TV!

My mother-in-law has always been the core user of the home TV. Day in day out, she will be there in the living room watching TV... Typically on a weekday evening, we will see my MIL in the living room watching TV and FIL in the bedroom taking his power nap after dinner.

Month ago when the home TV was spolit, it was a common sight to see my FIL dozing off in the living room and MIL watching TV in their bedroom. Hahahaa... When comes to TV, man just gotta give way

A month back, many of our household items give way all at the same time! We were all scratching our heads.... WHY????!!! WHY MUST IT BE ALL AT THE SAME TIME!!!!???? (Yes, we now have a new sofa set, new TV, new fan and items such as digital clock, printer....which we have bought before our wedding are now placed into use)

Kitty Doing Lion Dance???

An interesting sight when Dx2 and I were walking along our void deck. Someone left a small lion dance display set near the tree and the cat was lying next to it, as if she was the one doing the lion dance! Hahahaa

Striking Gold Bar

Spotted this gold bar door stopper in a gift shop and bought it home for my Mother-in-Law. Can you believe it, she striked 4D weeks after that! (hahaa... Yes, she is still a frequent winner of 4D!)

Our Albino Fighting Fish

One of our baby fighting fish turned out to be an albino! (suffering from pigmentation problem)

Recycling Day.... Dx2-the Blur KING!

Dx2 and I brought down the stuff for recycling to the void deck of next block. My god... this man of mine can keep 'dropping off' items without knowing it along the way! Aiyo....

Laser Disc Collection

Who on earth still wanna watch show on Laser Disc??? Huh.... My father-in-law and my dear hubby!!! @.@

Welcome to Singapore, Edward!!!

Long overdue post... Cousin Edward came to Singapore in end June and we had a great time hanging out in the zoo! :P

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Waiting Game...

Spotted a female guppy with huge tummy and suspected that she is going to give birth real soon. Waited waited waited but still no babies out that night! The following night after i was home from work, spotted the female guppy lying at the bottom on tank grasping her last breath! Man... Rest in Peace... (Spotted 3 new baby guppies next day but we are not sure if those are her babies. We shall wait for them to grow up and their colours should tell i guess)

Kampong Neighbourhood!

(Oops! Spelling error on my pix! Sorry :P Too late to change! Haha)

Was out with Father-in-law last Sunday morning and we spotted the chicken family taking their morning stroll in the neighbourhood! Hahaa... The kampong spirit is supported in Tiong Bahru area. What an interesting sight!

Kitty in Drain

'Hawk Eyes' View!!!

Thank You Dx2!

Went window shopping with Dx2 last Sunday at Bugis Junction. I spotted this 'robot' handphone accessory hanging in a display and thinking it should be nice to convert it into a pendent. Want or don't want? Want or don't want? Of course WANT if Dx2 wanna buy for me! Hhahaaa :P